Interview with Raúl Zibechi: “Not all spaces are territories”

Our interview with the Uruguayan researcher, journalist, and activist Raúl Zibechi has just been published in Geographica Helvetica. We discuss current socioterritorial movements in Latin America and beyond, the emergence of new subjects through practices of territorialization, and links between extractive geographies and the urban context. To an anglophone audience, Zibechi is probably best known as the author of Territories in Resistance (AK Press 2012).

A full-text of the interview with Raúl Zibechi is avaible at under a Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) licence.

The interview forms part of the forthcoming Geographica Helvetica theme issue No. 938, edited by Monika Streule and me. Under the title ‘Contested Urban Territories: Decolonized Perspectives’, we have invited a number of papers examining the ways in which a relational notion of territory opens up new grounds for critical urban research. Find all the other papers of the Contested Urban Territories theme issue, which will be published over the coming months, at: