‘Lokal extrem Rechts. Analysen alltäglicher Vergesellschaftungen’ – book launch, May 11, 2022, Leipzig

Ursachen und Hintergründe für das Erstarken extrem rechter Politik werden in Wissenschaft und Medien intensiv diskutiert. Dabei fehlt es gerade in wissenschaftlichen Debatten zumeist an qualitativen Analysen und differenzierten räumlichen Betrachtungen jenseits von Stadt-Land- oder…

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How Urban Decorum Works: Territory, Law and Heritage, talk @Geographies of the law symposium, Turin, Dec 13, 2021

Talk by Cristina Mattiucci (UNINA) and Anke Schwarz (TU Dresden) Over the past decade, the idea of ‘urban decorum’ has gained traction in contemporary Italian streets and squares. Though reminiscent of earlier debates on securitization…

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CROLAR ‘Protagonists of Latin American Futures’ theme issue published

Baixada Cine, still from short film O Desejo é um Tempo Parado, 2020.

'Protagonists of Latin American Futures', the latest theme issue of Critical Reviews on Latin American Research - CROLAR has just been published at http://www.crolar.org/index.php/crolar Issue editors: Elis de Aquino, Frank Müller and Anke Schwarz For…

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Introduction to the special issue ‘Contested Urban Territories: Decolonized perspectives’

Over the last two years, Monika Streule and Anke Schwarz co-edited the Geographica Helvetica special issue 'Contested Urban Territories: Decolonized Perspectives'. All seven papers of the special issue are available at https://www.geogr-helv.net/special_issue938.html Now we are…

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Interview with Raúl Zibechi: “Not all spaces are territories”

Our interview with the Uruguayan researcher, journalist, and activist Raúl Zibechi has just been published in Geographica Helvetica. We discuss current socioterritorial movements in Latin America and beyond, the emergence of new subjects through practices…

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The idea of a borderless world, by Achille Mbembe

From its inception “movement” or more precisely “borderlessness” has been central to various utopian traditions. The very concept of utopia, refers to that which has no borders, beginning with the imagination itself.

As a direly needed inspiration for the rough year ahead, I’d like to share Achille Mbembe’s essay The idea of a borderless world. You’ll find this 2019 must-read at the Africa is a Country blog, here: https://africasacountry.com/2018/11/the-idea-of-a-borderless-world. The text was first published in the October 2018 print issue of the Chimurenga Chronic.